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iTuner Spectra8 Video capture card linux bttv drivers

    iTuner Spectra8 is a multichannel capture card based on Conexant BT878 chipset. The card is available here and linux drivers for this card are available with the purchase on cdrom. Also you can find the drivers below and a patch against bttv driver.

(03-11-2006 npavel) Update: With the latest 2.6.x kernels this card works with the built in kernel driver and it's detected as ProVideo Capture card.

The drivers below can be compiled on 2.6.x kernels or with 2.4.x kernels with V4L2 patch applied (look here for a 2.4 patch or use a 2.4 -imedia patched kernel or the patch inside archive from here).

Note: The driver allow building the kernel module outside kernel tree but it also implements firmware loading. If you want to use this driver don't compile firmware module built-in kernel.


Patch agains 0.9.13 bttv release (available here or at bttv-0.9.13-imedia.patch
Archive containing patched sources: bttv-0.9.13-imedia.tar.gz

Below you can see an image of iTuner Spectra8. Current versions of the card might differ due to different hardware revisions and features added but you can still use the driver above.

iTuner Spectra8 bttv drivers