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Code Repository

    Various old pieces of code that I did in the past, most of them are deprecated and might not even compile. Source code can be browsed here: Repository

alsa-mixer   -    basic alsa-mixer opening/channel open
cdripp    -   gets tracks from CD
fastweb   -   very old http/proxy server code
ipallow   -   kernel module which use netfilter hooks to change destination ip
lcdcontrol   -    lcd control for MediaBox systems via web interface
lcdproc-vumeter-plugin   -    plugins for lcdproc including a vu-meter plugin which displays recording level and sensors plugin
lcdsetup   -   setup for Matrix Orbital LCDs
libc-highjack   -   libc function highjacking/rewriting
logem   -   kernel module to log events
lokigames-build-tarball    -   builds loki games archive lists used when repacking old loki games with newer libs
modular-iptables-firewall   -   a iptables firewall script that use modules for user defined rules
mplayer-fifo   -   mplayer slave mode fifo handling
perl-web-libs   -   perl web libs/code for template handling, mysql connection
sensors   -   queries lm_sensors information from proc without using libsensors