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Algolib - common algorithms library

    Algolib is a project that I did as a seminar work for Algorithm Programming course at Faculty of Computer Science Iasi.
It contains algorithms commonly used, programmed in a generic fashion with pointers to data compare function and data is declared as void type.
It also contains example of implementations for common graph operations (BFS/DFS, add/remove vertexes, add/remove edges etc), sorting function comparison.
Most comments and stdout messages are in Romanian but the main implementation is in english.


Algorithms/functions available:

  • insertion sort
  • quick sort
  • merge sort
  • counting sort
  • radix sort
  • graphs implementation
  • DFS/BFS Breadth First Search/Depth first search
  • add/remove/insert vertex
  • add/remove/insert edges
  • adjacent graphs
  • list and queues with similar operations
  • sets
  • generic data functions
  • generic data compare functions


You can browse source online here

Source archive: algolib-0.0.5.tgz

Algolib - common algorithms library