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picture grabber - V4L jpeg capture

    Picture Grabber is a video 4 linux capture application able to read raw data from a V4L compatible device and output to a jpeg file. It works on both V4L1 and V4L2 APIs and it used libjpeg to create the jpeg from the data captured. PictureGrabber aims for a very small footprint (currently binary is about 4k) and only implements the basic features needed to capture data and transform it to a jpeg.

    Picture Grabber can be used with any V4L compatible device (capture cards, webcam, usb v4l devices).


Usage: picturegrabber [OPTION] -c <num> number of shots, -1=unlimited (option MANDATORY) -i <sec> interval between shots in seconds (default=4) -d <dev> device to open (default=/dev/video) -D <dir> output in this directory -q qcif 176x144 output (defaults to cif 352x288) -s use sequential filename numbering (out1,out2...) -f <str> filename prefix (used with -s, default=out) -v be verbose -b run in background as a daemon -O coding optimization (default=no) -Q <num> quality factor [0-100] (default=60) -S <num> smoothing factor [0-100] (default=0) -l link last saved file as current.jpg


You can browse source online here

Release 0.4.2
  Binary Archive: picturegrabber-bin-0.4.2.tgz
  Source Archive: picturegrabber-src-0.4.2.tgz

picture grabber - V4L jpeg capture