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picoLCD 20x2, 20x4, 256x64 Drivers

SDK for all picoLCD models(libpicoLCD) for LCD control, GPIO, keypad, led, IR decoding

    Update (15/04/2012): picoLCD 256x64 Ubuntu PPA repository added.

    Update (15/03/2010):0.1.9 SDK supports all models and can be built on MacOS. The 256x64 is not yet fully supported. It also supports MacOS leopard and snow leopard. For MacOS a codeless kext must be installed before SDK can be used. See the kext/ folder inside archive.

2010-03-15 Nicu Pavel (
    - 0.1.9 - release.
    - added kexts for MacOS leopard and MacOS snow leopard to detach the device from OS control
    - added support for picolcd 20x4 and 256x64 products
    - link with libusb-legacy on MacOS
    - use glibtoolize for MacOS
    - remove all calls to self->hid->interrupt_write with picolcd_send
    - silence all warnings
    - reduce the verbosity while compiling
    - added a _hid_unimplemented and _picolcd_unimplemented to tag.
      the functions not implemented in usblcd operations struct
    - renamed driver vars.
    - make drivers filename nicer
    - fallback with return instead of exit
    - added support for 20x4 settext function
    - added a new function picolcd_send to easier send data to lcd
    - some spelling mistakes fixed
    - added picolcd-common.h
    - updated and fixed examples
    - changed header files from usblcd to picolcd
    - renamed main binary to picolcd
    - build system cleanup
    - move to picoLCD/libpicoLCD
    - code cleanups

Drivers for specific models:

- picoLCD 20x2

    picoLCD 20x2 is a USB HID character LCD OEM device developed by It has an optional IR receiver when mounted in different cases.

- lcdproc driver

    Update (19/08/2008): LIRC support it's available with lcdproc thanks for Jack Cleaver for the patch
    Update (16/11/2007): A small patch to fix a memory leak in picolcd driver has been integrated in lcdproc CVS
    Update (02/05/2007): This patch has been integrated in lcdproc CVS available here

This driver adds support for picoLCD20x2 device and keypad to lcdproc without using libusblcd or libhid.

- lcd4linux driver

    Update (15/02/2007): This patch has been integrated in lcd4linux CVS and it's available with 0.10-1-RC1 release here

This driver adds support for picoLCD20x2 device, GPIO and keypad support to lcd4linux.

- picoLCD 256x64

    picoLCD 256x64 is a USB HID graphic (256x64 pixels resolution) LCD device developed by

- lcd4linux driver

This driver adds support for picoLCD256x64 device and keypad to lcd4linux software.
Documentation for the protocol used in picoLCD 256x64 is available here
Bruno Premont has created a kernel driver for picoLCD 256x64 that uses framebuffer deffered-io, backlight, leds class and input events, patches against the kernel git tree are available for download below.

- picoLCD 20x4

    picoLCD 20x4 is an external USB HID character LCD device with integrated IR receiver developed by

- lcdproc driver

This driver adds support for picoLCD20x4 device and keypad to lcdproc.