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iMedia Embedded Linux

    iMedia Linux is a Linux distribution that I built from scratch and it's beeing sponsorized currently by The distribution has started as MediaBOX embedded OS which is used on embedded streaming appliances developed by iTuner Networks. iMedia Linux aims for a very small footprint (usually installed on Compact Flashes, USB sticks) and good support for set-top appliances based on mini-itx or nano-itx mainboards.
    iMedia Linux makes easy to produce set-top boxes based on MythTV, MMS, Matchbox or XFCE desktops, can be used to produce network appliances like full featured routers/wireless-routers with firewall, traffic shapping, pppoe, bridge, dns/ftp/http/dhcp servers, or produce user friendly desktops based on XFCE.


You can read more about iMedia Linux features at website.


Visit download page here: Downloads

Build system:

    iMedia Linux can be built on most current large distributions like Fedora, Mandriva or Gentoo. Currently we use Gentoo to generate the installations CDs and compile our packages because of gentoo ebuild system which makes easier to compile our applications with needed settings.

Build system settings:

    If you want to compile new applications for iMedia Linux under Gentoo you can use our supplied make.conf and package.use flags.
You can download an archive containing our build system settings from here: gentoo-settings.tgz

Developing packages:

    If you want to create new packages use the mediapck utility and the sample package from mediapack webpage here: mediapack samples

iMedia custom packages:

    For the applications that we modify or that doesn't exist in Gentoo portage we offer our portage-imedia overlay. Make sure you add this portage to your PORTAGE_OVERLAY setting in make.conf.
For sources that I maintain separately or there is no external download location download the distfiles archive too from locations below.
Current imedia portage tree and distfiles are available here:imedia-portage
To browse imedia portage online visit my gentoo ebuilds page here: gentoo ebuilds

Kernel recompile/modifications

    If you want to recompile the kernel shipped with iMedia Linux or add more modules take a look at iMedia Kernel webpage here: iMedia kernel.
    We also provide a kernel building script and our modified external kernel modules. You can use this script to compile the kernel for multiple CPU types, with our .config files and external kernel modules like DRM, LIRC, IVTV, MADWIFI, NDISWRAPPER etc.

Archive with latest external kernel modules and build system is available here: kernel-build.tgz.
(Keep the same paths as in archive or you'll need to modify the script defaults.
Standalone script is available here:

Changing initrd/boot image:

    If you want to change the image at boot time or add more drivers to initrd use the initrd-build script.
Archive with initrd-build system is available here: initrd-build.tgz.
(Keep the same paths as in archive or you'll need to modify the script defaults.
Standalone script is available here:

iMedia Embedded Linux