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emlog kernel 2.6.x/3.0.x port - the embedded systems log device

    emlog is a kernel module used in iMedia Embedded Linux for logging purposes. emlog implements a circular buffer on a character device and can be used instead of normal log files to keep loggin to 0 disk space. Buffer size can be adjusted when creating the character device. Multiple log files (character devices) can be created and used.

The original emlog only works on 2.4 kernels and has been written by Jeremy Elson. The home page of emlog for 2.4.x kernels is available here and the cvsweb is available here

Latest version is 0.51 and it was built against 3.0.3 kernel.
More information about installing and using emlog is available in source README
Git source repository information is available here: source.


(31-08-2011) Andriy Stepanov - fix build on 3.0.3 kernel - auto register /dev/emlog by udev (14-08-2006) Nicu Pavel - replaced MODULE_PARM macro with module_param function (12-06-2006) Nicu Pavel - 2.6 kernel functions update from Darien version. - 2.6 Kernel Makefile (03-06-2006) Nicu Pavel - 2.6 port/integation of Darien Kindlund patch


Archive of the latest version (0.51) : emlog-master.tgz
Source & GIT access here: source

emlog kernel 2.6.x port