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CSStats - Counter-Strike Stats

    CSStats is a small C program that connects to a specified counter-strike server and lists players, player kills, player deaths, time player, map name, map time left, players ping.
    Program connects thru UDP, queries and parse information with 2 functions parse_players_info and parse_server_info and outputs the information to stdout which can be parsed/included in webpages. At this moment the only posibility to specify server/port to query is to modify the #define from csstats.h.

(12-05-2006 npavel) Update: This program doesn't work with new Steam server althrough modifications should be easy. When I'll have time to check new Steam protocol I'll update the source.


You can browse source online here

Release 0.1.1
  Source archive: csstats-0.1.1.tgz

CSStats - Counter-Strike Stats