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About this site

Here you can find various opensource stuff I written over the time: programs, drivers, kernel stuff, texts and web pages and the current projects I'm working on.

Android on picoPC and Atmel Embedded CPUs

atmel at91/picosam9 kernel

atmel at91/picosam9 sdcard bootstrap

atmel/picosam9 android gingerbread

android tools

angstrom linux for picosam9

android binary images releases


OpenPanzer Strategy Game (hobby project)

    HTML5 based remake of Panzer General hex/turn based strategy game.

DCDC-USB drivers

    Drivers for Intelligent DCDCconverters with USB interface (DCDC-USB, M4-ATX)

picoLCD 20x2, 20x4, 256x64 drivers and SDK

    Drivers for picoLCD USB LCDs family for LCDProc, LCD4Linux, SDK library and example applications

emlog - embedded logger kernel device

    The 2.6.x/3.0.x kernel port of emlog kernel module. The original emlog only works on 2.4 kernels and has been written by Jeremy Elson. The home page of emlog for 2.4.x kernels is available here

pidwatcher application watchdog kernel module

    A kernel module used to get information about the current running processes without the need of /proc filesystem. Provides a fast alternative to procps utils and it's used on Mediabox systems to control and supervise job execution as a software watchdog.

mpeg4joiner (mp4join) - joins mp4 files

    mp4 join can join 2 or more mp4 files by first extracting their tracks and joining them into a new file. It's based on mpeg4ip libraries.

SIS 671 and Geode LX/GX XOrg drivers.

     SIS 671 (Intel D201GLY) and Geode LX/GX XOrg video drivers with XVideo acceleration and fixed high resolution issues. These drivers are different from freedesktop Xorg tree or the OLPC one.

iMedia Embedded Linux

    Information about iMedia Linux distribution ( a small linux distribution targeted to embedded systems.